Former neuroscientist turned developer in the finance industry

Why we cancelled virtual pride


In 2019 the Pride team led our companies first official attendance at the London Pride Parade in what became the jewel in the crown of an amazing summer. For 2020, we had big plans and even bigger levels of excitement and anticipation. When large events were cancelling themselves before the governments forced it, the anxious pessimist in me feverishly refreshed my emails expecting the...

Minimal Typewriter


I’ve dusted off one of my old projects and finally put it on the interwebs: Born out of wanting the lovely clickety clackety noises of a mechanical keyboard while not having one (and not disturbing other) and also a transient/ephemeral slate to just write on outside of any subscription service. I now have a mechanical keyboard and a paid subscription to Microsoft...

Happy 2020!


Happy 2020 to all those who celebrate it!

As part of my New Years Resolution and to kick off 2020 as I mean to go on, I’m going to continue not updating this blog despite the unfounded guilt around not doing so 😀

Have a good one!

New Blog, Who Dis?


Well… It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally setting up something public-facing on this blog :celebration-emoji: (I’ll have to look into getting that enabled). So it has taken a lot of fiddling with AWS and their insane number of slightly differing products – firstly Route 53 to get various different name records set up for email and whatnot. I then spent ages toying with what blog...


Former neuroscientist turned developer in the finance industry

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